Collective Healing
& Energy Upgrade for Yoga Teachers & Healers
Release Fear, Self-Doubt & Worry and Share Your Bright Light!!

Master Class Hosted by Shasta Townsend. 

Teaching Yoga is truly a sacred calling, and one that can be joyful, fun, abundant and full of ease, but many Yoga teachers are struggling to make it both financially and energetically mainly because of energetic blocks and deep rooted fears about not being good enough, but there is a way to clear this all with ease & grace.
In this master training you will:

- Participate in a sacred ritual that will clear insecurity and fear and allow you to serve and shine with ease. 

Learn how to tap into your own Inner Wisdom and Source energy to bring your passion and insight to the world.

Discover your Dharma (Sacred Duty) by tapping into your heart’s longing.

Clearly identify your next step on the teaching path.

Learn the number one mistake new and even seasoned Yoga teachers make, and how to overcome it so you are serving your self, your students and your community with joy and success.

This event will be recorded, but we do encourage you to join us live to participate in the live energy healing. AND all live attendees will receive a special on-the-call live training bonus.  

Space is limited. Join master teacher, Shasta Townsend 


LIVE Master Class with Shasta Townsend
Has Been Postponed for
Fall 2016.

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